Huawei releases the “Contact Shield” API: HMS Core provides, countries can develop new crown virus contact tracking applications

Makers Of Android June 9th News According to xda-developers, Huawei HMS Core added “Huawei Contact Guard API” after the update. The API will be used to track and reduce the spread of COVID-19 among the population.

Makers Of Android learned from the Huawei developer website that Huawei Contact Shield (HMS Core Contact Shield) is a basic contact tracking service based on Bluetooth low energy provided by HMS Core. Government organizations of various countries can use the Contact Guard API to develop new coronavirus contact tracking applications. On the basis of protecting user privacy, it can communicate with other mobile phones to help users diagnose whether they have contacted with a virus infected person, exchange data with the detected device, and record the information of such contacts anonymously, thereby reducing the spread of the new crown virus.

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Huawei also explained about privacy:

  • It is up to the user to decide whether to participate in the contract guard program, whether to upload an anonymous ID to the cloud, or whether to obtain the diagnosis result.
  • Only the dynamically generated anonymous ID is used, and private information such as the user’s location is not recorded, saved, and used; the anonymous ID is only saved for a limited time (14 days).
  • Data deletion: After the user uninstalls the application, the historical data stored locally on the phone will be deleted; the user can also manually delete all historical data directly.
  • API Authorized Use: Only application developers authorized by government organizations and strictly reviewed by Huawei can use the HMS Core Contact Shield API.
  • Application developer usage agreement constraints: Huawei and the developers who use it sign a separate additional service agreement that requires compliance with user privacy protection regulations.

Makers Of Android understands that, including Huawei, almost all overseas manufacturers intend to establish a tracking system to combat the spread of COVID-19. Google and Apple released an “Apple-Google Contact Tracking API” in April, allowing these companies (such as Huawei) to join the secure, anonymous tracking system developed by Google and Apple and exchange information to coordinate tracking of potentially dangerous contacts. And remind users if they have been exposed to the dangerous area of ​​coronavirus. However, this service is only applicable to Apple iOS devices and Android models pre-installed with Google GMS, so it is not applicable to Huawei’s latest devices. Previously, Huawei President Ren Zhengfei revealed in an interview with foreign media that Huawei has reached certain consensus with Google and is committed to serving the world in the future.

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