Important Feature won’t be included in new iPhone SE

Interesting thing is that, Apple released two new iPhone in 2013 for the first time. Then, after two years in 2015, released two new iPhone simultaneously with different display sizes. Now in 2016, it looks like Apple is planning three brand new iPhone models for release.

Undoubtedly stars of the show will be the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus expected to debut in September 2016, also the first new iPhone of 2016 will be unveiled long before that. And although the new iPhone SE is eagerly expecting by Apple fans, there’s at least one missing feature that may put a limitation on things for some users.


According to report, the iPhone SE will be a capable smartphone, with a 64-bit A9 processor, a 12-MP camera with support for Live Photos, NFC and Apple Pay support, up to 64GB of storage and it will feature a smaller 4-inch display.

According to a leaked image posted by French Apple blog “”, iPhone SE does not include the hardware required to support 3D Touch. It is really sad news for all apple fans. 3D Touch, which monitors the force applied with each tap and swipe to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus display.

www.makersofandroid.comThe leaked site is known to continuously post early photos of components pre-existing plan to make their way into iPhone models that have not yet been released.

Upcoming iPhone SE is expected to be unveiled during a press conference on March 21st, and it should launch sometime soon after.

Let’s wait for next….

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