iPad Pro 2020 wireless LAN + cellular version for sale

May 8 News Today, 2020 iPad Pro wireless LAN + cellular network models have been sold on Apple’s official website.

The starting price of the 11-inch iPad Pro (wireless LAN + cellular network model) is 1050.23$, and the starting price of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (wireless LAN + cellular network model) is 1286.31$.

All prices are as follows:

11-inch version

11-inch 128GB: 880.59$ (wireless LAN) 1050.23$ (cellular version)

11-inch 256GB: 993.68$ (wireless LAN) 1163.32$ (cellular version)

11-inch 512GB: 1219.87$ (wireless LAN) 1403.65$ (cellular version)

11-inch 1TB: 1446.06$ (wireless LAN) 1615.70$ (cellular version)

12.9 inch version

12.9-inch 128GB: 1115.26$ (wireless LAN) 1286.31$ (cellular version)

12.9 inch 256GB: 1229.77$ (wireless LAN) 1399.41$ (cellular version)

12.9-inch 512GB: 1455.96$ (wireless LAN) 1625.60$ (cellular version)

12.9-inch 1TB: 1682.15$ (wireless LAN) 丨 1851.79$ (cellular version)

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