iPhone 8 cases leak based on a CAD drawing, exclusive copper gold

We’ve seen a case for the iPhone 8, but it was pretty plain with its black color. What if it was Purple or Yellow or Peach or Mint instead? Well, glad you asked!

Here are five cases (including a Black one) that show a vertical slot for the dual camera and no hole for the fingerprint reader.

These look like the official iPhone 7 accessories and if that’s the case, we’re probably looking at more creative names for the colors like Flamingo, Pollen and so on. Of course, Apple has a wider selection of colors, so these are probably just a few examples of the full set.

The iPhone 8 itself has been spotted in Silver, Black and Gold. However, they are not exactly the same hues as those of the current models – the “gold”, for example, feels more like bronze.

Earlier New pictures have been published from the iPhone 8 housing.

On the pictures below, we will see a case of the iPhone 8 based on a recent CAD drawing. The pictures show the double camera on the backside, which is placed vertically this time. Furthermore, the images suggest that the fingerprint scanner is not integrated into the screen, but is moved to the back of the device, just below the Apple logo.

The case also shows that the alleged iPhone 8 is a bit longer than the iPhone 7 (right) and a fraction smaller than the current iPhone 7 Plus (left). According to earlier rumors, the upcoming flagship features a 5.8-inch screen, while the housing is more compact than the current 5.5-inch screen of the Plus versions.

Apple has been able to keep the design compact by removing the button below the screen, making the screen edges a lot slimmer compared to existing models. The fingerprint scanner is placed on the backside based on these images.

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