Latest Google Play Services Enable the “Check for Update” Button on Pixel Phones

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The “Check for update” button on Pixel and Nexus devices finally works with the latest Google Play services. Version 12.2.09 hit the beta channel this evening and many are reporting that tapping the button now pushes the latest Android security patch to their phones.

Many users are reporting that “Check for update” button now works as intended. After updating to version 12.2.09 (from 11.9.76) of Play services, the February security patch released yesterday is immediately showing up on devices. We’ve also been able to confirm this on our Pixel 2 XL.

Back in September, a Googler announced that the Check for update button now works to offer any available OTAs for download. However, that functionality was short-lived due to a bug breaking the feature. In December, Check for update was again working internally for Googlers, with the fix scheduled to rollout in 2018 for all users.

Pressing Check for update now tells Google that a user has manually requested the update on their device, with the OTA then pushed down for download and install.

This flag bypasses Google’s gradual rollout schedule, so even if the initial “1% rollout and 1% of users already have the update,” tapping the button will make it available to your device. The feature works for phones and tablets that use Google’s OTA systems, including Pixel, Nexus, and Android One.

Users can join the Play services beta now, but be aware of bugs as it just entered that channel this evening. Alternately, users can sideload the APK, with a full rollout expected in the coming weeks.

A number of users have been able to update to Google Play Services 12.2.09 on their Pixel 2 (Pixel 2 XL and original Pixels possibly too) devices, head into Settings>System>System update>Check for update, and pull the latest February security patch. Some tried hitting the button before updating and received no update, but did immediately after grabbing the new version.


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