Leak: OnePlus 6 looks to come with a wood finish

The OnePlus 6 looks to come with a wood finish, perhaps bamboo, judging by the appearance of the design on the back of the phone in a recently leaked image.

This is the latest and so far the best look at OnePlus’ new device, and although there are no specs details that have been listed along with the image leak it is possible to make out some details of the phone, such as the USB Type-C charging port that can be seen at the bottom of the device, though this shouldn’t be a surprise as most flagships and even low-end devices are using USB Type-C these days.

What might be a surprise is that OnePlus appears to have left the 3.5mm audio port on the phone sitting right next to the charging port, during a time when most OEMs have chosen to remove it and instead switch to using the USB Type-C port for the audio.

Though some will argue that the USB Type-C port being used for plugging in headphones tends to produce better sound, the benefit here for the user is that there will be no need to either buy a new pair of headphones or use a USB C to 3.5mm adapter, as you can simply plug your existing headphones directly into the device.

Another thing that OnePlus seems to have kept is the single speaker and if that’s the case the sound won’t be stereo but it may still be pretty decent. The fingerprint sensor is once again on the back just like with the OnePlus 5T, which suggests that the device will have no home button on the front and will instead utilize the full front panel for the display only, which should be nearly bezel-free and is rumored to come with a notch.

The OnePlus 6 could also come with a dual camera setup on the back, though you can’t actually make out more than one camera sensor. Based on the most recent rumors, the OnePlus 6 should come powered by the Snapdragon 845 CPU from Qualcomm, and come with 8GB of RAM in one of the two variants that the company is suspected to be announcing in the future.

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