Learn about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Flexible Glass, SCHOTT is the Sai Xuan Flex brand

Not long ago, the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone once again ignited the enthusiasm of folding screen phones. Folding phones equipped with flexible glass are reshaping the smartphone market.

As a supplier of Samsung’s ultra-thin glass, the German company Schott finally released the Sai Xuan Flex brand to the market. Saison Flex is a highly transparent, ultra-flexible, ultra-thin glass that can be chemically strengthened and can be processed by processors.

The ultra-thin glass of SCHOTT SAISON Flex is manufactured by a pull-down method. A glass ribbon is pulled down from the top and cooled by multiple rollers. Because of this environmentally friendly technology, SCHOTT can directly draw thin and stable ultra-thin glass from the molten glass according to the thickness requirements, without the need for thinning treatment with a harmful acid etching process.

In addition to the folding screen, this year, vivo NEX 3S 5G waterfall screen mobile phone, iQOO 3 5G mobile phone, X30 Pro Alexander Wang joint limited edition 5G mobile phone, and vivo S6, OPPO Watch 3D hyperbolic flexible screen, all use Saiyan Up high performance Cover glass, this is another kind of glass in Sai Xuan series-Sai Xuan Up, is a high-performance cover glass designed by SCHOTT for tablet phone screens, which is mainly for anti-drop performance, especially the drop performance of the whole machine.

The Saixuan brand currently has a high-strength and bendable Saixuan Flex, and a high-performance cover glass with excellent drop resistance, Saixuan Up, which provides large-scale production solutions for special glass for various displays.

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