LG G6 Starts Receiving Android 8.0 Oreo Update

LG started rolling out an update that will install Android 8.0 Oreo onto the LG G6 in South Korea. The smartphone manufacturer previously said that it will begin the deployment of the major operating system upgrade by the end of April.

The software package brings a number of features to the device, including the new Picture-in-Picture mode, improved autofill capabilities, and notification channels.

The Picture-in-Picture mode permits users to view two applications at the same time by showing one app in a smaller window that is placed on top of another application, while notification channels allow you to control how the operating system handles different types of prompts sent by individual apps.

The software update also allows the LG G6 to support high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs capable of transmitting more data compared to other audio codecs. Other features included with the operating system upgrade include adaptive icons and the ability to snooze notifications.

There is no available information on when the device maker will begin rolling out the update to the LG G6 in other markets around the world, and even in South Korea, it may take some time before all customers receive the software upgrade since the tech firm is unsurprisingly opting for a gradual rollout.

More software updates are expected to hit the LG G6 in the near future, with the handset now being expected to receive some AI-powered camera functionalities LG previously debuted with the V30S ThinQ.


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