LG G7 May Feature An Advanced Iris Scanner

New evidence shows that LG is still working on its iris scanner in the background.

The patent, as spotted by LetsGoDigital, is for biometric authentication through an iris scanner as normal, but the filing mentions a few extra tricks.

The LG sensor will adjust its reading based on ambient light, for a start, to allow for variations in pupil size and to make sure you can always use the scanner no matter what the lighting conditions.

On top of that the LG G7 may ask you to follow a series of dots with your eyes, ensuring the scanner can’t be fooled with a photograph and making it much harder for someone else to break into your phone.

This camera is much more sensitive than the selfie shooter, and is capable of picking up wavelengths from the infrared spectrum, while the regular camera is actually made to filter out infrared light, as it sometimes interferes with standard photographs.

LG is reportedly looking to combine the strengths of both types of cameras by using some sort of filter-changing mechanism that could allow a regular camera to see infrared light when needed.

LG has been working on this secure authentication method for several years now. Moreover, the competition does not stand still either. Samsung has already equipped all of its top devices with such a scanner since the Note 7.

The CES 2018 will start in one month, here we expect to hear more about the new flagship device, the LG G7.

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