LG G7 ThinQ has leaked in press render

The LG G7 ThinQ has leaked in press render leading up to the phone’s May 2 announcement, and following previous leaks of the phone where it has surfaced two other times in separate renders, the first being an image where the device was shown off in all five colors that LG plans to launch (which will include Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blue in a Matte finish, Platinum Grey, Aurora Black, and Raspberry Rose), as well as a second image from last week.

Both last week’s image and the one shown up above come from Evan Blass on Twitter, who is often well-known for leaks of high profile devices. It is worth noting that while this particular press render is new there is not much with the device that hasn’t already been seen, save for the top and bottom and sides of the phone’s frame where the buttons and ports are.

With this new image showing the top and bottom you get a look at the placement of the phone’s SIM card tray, which happens to be on the top instead of on the side like it is on some phones, as well as the 3.5mm audio port, USB Type-C charging and data transfer port, and the speaker, all of which happen to be placed on the bottom of the device, in addition to the volume and power keys on the side.
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The color of the G7 ThinQ in this image is the platinum Grey model which was shown in the image from the first press render leak a couple of weeks ago, but this does provide a closer look at the phone as the image is a bit larger and of a slightly higher resolution, so you get a clearer picture of what that color will look like close up and when holding it in your hands.

The volume keys, as well as power button and the rumored digital assistant button can be seen more close up as well. The LG G7 ThinQ is expected to come with a button that will be meant for launching Google Assistant similar to the Galaxy S9’s Bixby button, and with getting to see the power button on the side it adds further detail to the rumor that the fingerprint sensor won’t be acting as a power button like it has on some of LG’s past devices.

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