LG showed off its LG G7 ‘Neo’ flagship behind closed doors at MWC

Are we looking at the Apple device with Android OS? Why we are copying iPhone’s? Let’s see.

LG quietly displayed its next flagship handset in the MWC this week — along with several other future devices — to a select group of invitees in a private room within the cavernous event space.

At first, since it was labeled “LG G7,” and LG was widely thought to be dropping the G-series nomenclature this year. Thanks to a video in Israeli publication Ynet — it was not at all clear what the device actually was.

The project’s original codename, Neo. Thee device carried, a 6-inch screen with new OLED-based technology but takes it a step further and presents an inconceivable figure of over 900PPI. The screen is at 3120X1440 resolution and the screen ratio is 19: 5.9.

LG also adopts the same small bay at the top of the device (like the iPhone X) and incorporates it to its 8-megapixel front camera with a wide-angle shot. At the back of the device, we can see a pair of new 16 megapixel cameras each with the main aperture with an optical stabilizer F / 1.6 and the other with a wide-angle F / 1.9 aperture. The fingerprint sensor of the device is also on the back.

The processor will be Qualcomm’s 845 Snapdragon and the basic memory array will include 64 gigabytes of storage memory and 4 gigabytes of RAM. A stronger version will include 128 gigabytes of storage along with 6 gigabytes of RAM. The battery is 3000mAh / hour.

In terms of sound, LG will also improve the components of the device, which will include a DTS-X component and a Boom Box development that will allow the speakers to play with high resonance when placed on any surface. The device will probably include Google’s personal assistant, artificial intelligence embedded in the camera and allow the camera to identify the objects it photographs.

Along with G7, LG was also showing off devices named Q7 and V35 — presumed successors to the Q6 and V30/V30s ThinQ, respectively — plus its first Android Wear watch since last year’s Watch Style and Watch Sport, according to a person who was in the room.

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