LG Trademarks ‘Icon’ Smartphone And ‘Iconic’ Smartwatch

Evan Blass on Twitter revealed,
LG’s next-generation devices could be launched under a new name. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), LG has filed trademarks for a smartphone under the following names: LG Icon, LG Aicon and LG Aiconn. Interestingly, it also trademarked the name ‘Iconic’ for a smartwatch.

LG Icon and the Iconic could be part of the company’s next-generation of devices, but this is merely a speculation at this point. However, since LG is revamping its strategy to make its smartphone business profitable, there is also a possibility to see these new devices arriving to the market sometime next year.

In CES, Las Vegas, the company’s Vice Chairman Cho Sung-jin clarified that new smartphone models will arrive only when needed, rather than chasing a fixed timeline. We still don’t know if LG brings a new variant of the G6 or its successor in March this year.

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