Lollipop: World’s most popular version of Android OS

Google released its Android lollipop version 5.0 in October 2014. Now, 16 month later, Android lollipop 5.0 has surpassed Android Kitkat 4.4(released on Halloween Day back in 2013) to become the most widely used Android version in the world. It was still the most popular version of Android until this month, March 2016.

Its tough to be an Android user these days unless you are willing to upgrade your smartphone annually or buy A Nexus series device.

Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the latest publicly available version of Google’s mobile operating system. Android Marshmallow was first released to public more than five months ago and according to Google’s own Android version distribution data, Marshmallow currently installed on just 2.3% of all active Android phones with access to the Play store.

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Newer version of Android called simply “Android N” for now has also since been released as a developer preview only. But the big amount of Android users won’ have access to all of the new features found in Android N or even the ones in Marshmallow release for year to come. Meanwhile, 79% of active iOS device run iOS 9, Apple’s latest iOS version.

Credit: Strategy Analytic

Credit: Strategy Analytic

Google’s Android distribution model certainly has its benefits, but its tough on users who would clearly gain from having early access to all the features newer Android versions have introduced. Undoubtedly, It is directly depends on the device manufacturer for latest Android version update, perhaps you should buy a Nexus device for faster Android upgrade.

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