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Tips & Tricks: Manage Android Apps Access Permissions

Tips And Tricks

Manage app permissions in Android Marshmallow so they can only access what you choose. When you install an app from Google Play on a device running Android 6.0 and up, you control which capabilities or information that app can access—known as permissions. For example, an app might want permission to see your device contacts or location. You can control which permissions an app can access after the app installs on your device.


  1. Open your device’s Settings app. Under “Device,” tap “Apps” to see your list of installed apps.
  2. Tap the icon for the app you want to manage. On the app info page, find a list of current permissions assigned under “Permissions”.
  3. Tap “Permissions” to change permission settings. Toggle the button to the left to turn existing permissions ‘off’. Toggle the button to
    the right to turn those permissions back ‘on’.
  4. Note: You can change these permissions at any anytime.
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