MediaTek released the enhanced version of Tenji 1000 series technology- Tenji 1000+ 5G chip

Makersofandriod May 10 news Recently, MediaTek released the enhanced version of Tenji 1000 series technology- Tenji 1000+ 5G chip. According to MediaTek, the 5G chip Tianji 1000+ is based on the flagship platform performance of the Tianji 1000 series. With the gain of technology in the 5G era, high-end users can meet the pursuit of experience upgrade.

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MediaTek announced on May 9 that Weibo has cooperated with Google to integrate the AV1 video codec used for YouTube video streaming on the MediaTek Tianji 1000 series 5G chip, supporting playback of 4K resolution AV1 video streams at 60fps Provide users with higher quality visual enjoyment and a smoother video viewing experience.

Makersofandriod learned that some highlights of Tianji 1000+ include: equipped with MediaTek 5G UltraSave power saving technology, supporting the industry’s highest screen refresh rate of 144Hz, equipped with MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 game optimization engine, etc.

Makersofandriod learned that AV1 was first released by the Open Media Alliance (AOMedia) in 2018 and is royalty-free, designed to replace the VP9 codec and become the Internet Video Codec (NETVC) standard. AV1 is an ultra-high-performance video codec technology that provides more than 30% compression efficiency compared to existing VP9.

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