Microsoft Surface new patent exposure: greatly improve repairability and Wi-Fi performance

Makers Of Android May 15 news, according to a new patent application, Microsoft seems to be working to improve the next generation of hybrid equipment, power transmission combo devices (such as Surface Laptop and Book Series). In the same patent application issued earlier this week, Microsoft also revealed its plan to improve the repairability score of the product.

Microsoft stated in the document that the components of the device can be replaced with materials different from the original casing to “improve the repairability and / or customization of the electronic device”.

“The replacement housing part may have a different material than the original housing. For example, an electronic device with a recessed first housing aluminum back plate can be repaired by replacing a part of the first housing.”

If you replace the housing of the first part with a different material, the signal strength of the wireless adapter (such as Wi-Fi) will change.

“It should be understood that references to replacement, repair or modification of the casing in this disclosure may refer to a part of the casing, a layer of the casing, the entire casing, or any change in the material of the casing”, Microsoft Wrote.

Makers Of Android was informed that in order to improve the maintainability score and Wi-Fi performance, the company ’s patent proposed the following solutions:

“A method of controlling wireless communication performance in an electronic device, including accessing data containing material properties related to multiple materials, a first antenna at a first position in the electronic device transmitting a first test signal on a first transmission channel, Receive the first signal. Use the second antenna to test the signal on the first transmission channel at the second position of the electronic device, and determine the electronic device based on the measured attenuation of the first test signal received by the second antenna based on the data containing the transmission properties The material of the housing involves a variety of materials and the transmission power in the first antenna and the second antenna is adjusted based on the characteristics of the housing material. “

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