Moto G6 Play( G6 and G6 Plus) Android Smartphone Coming In 2018

According to new leak by Evan Blass:-

“Next year will see the return of Play to Lenovo’s Moto G lineup in the form of the Moto G6 Play (alongside the G6 and G6 Plus).”

The report suggests the return of the Play category to the Moto G lineup after a short period of absence following the release of the Moto G4 Play in mid-2016.

Google Play Edition (GPE) devices were smartphone variants based on existing models from different OEMs, which were sold exclusively by the tech giant through its online store. These smartphones were identical in terms of hardware with their counterparts bearing custom Android skins.

Such devices include the Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE, Sony Xperia Z Ultra GPE, and the original Motorola Moto G Play launched through the Play Store in January 2014 prior to its retirement a year later.

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With all that being said, if the Moto G6 Play will indeed be released next year, the device will likely not have any association with Google’s previous Play program, and instead, it will continue the series that was seemingly shelved after the release of the Moto G4 Play last year.

Moto G6 Play will differ from the standard model and the Moto G6 Plus remains to be seen, though it’s worth noting that compared to the rest of the Moto G4 series, the Moto G4 Play sported a smaller display with a lower resolution, a lower-end system-on-chip, less RAM, and an accordingly lower price tag. Having said that, the alleged Moto G6 Play could be the most affordable variant from the trio.

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