Motorola Trolls Apple AND Samsung With ‘Up-Upgrade’ Ad

motorola upgradge ad

Lenovo-owned Motorola, clearly not one to miss a trick, has now responded with its own amusing effort that takes on both Samsung and Apple.

After Samsung’s ‘Growing Up’ ad, which took a shot at Apple iPhones since inception, Motorola has made a new ad that shoots both Apple and Samsung with the same bow. The new ‘up-upgrade’ ad starts from where the Samsung ad ends, and shows how the Moto Z2 Play with mods, is in fact, the phone to switch to.

But what probably nobody saw coming is Motorola trolling Samsung with an ad of its own. Let’s watch the Samsung ad one more time:

It tells the story of a loyal iPhone user who only upgraded to a Samsung device in 2017, after using iPhones for some ten years — that’s wishful thinking at best from Samsung.

Now here’s Motorola brilliant ad: As for the ad, it’s certainly hilarious. And Motorola didn’t even have to mock the customers it targets in the process.

The “Up-upgrade to Motorola” ad offers the alternate ending to Samsung’s ad, as Motorola explains on its Facebook page. The 30-second ad effectively carries on from where Samsung’s effort left off, with the protagonist, having finally jumped ship from Apple to Samsung, looking satisfied with his $930 Note 8.

It picks up where Samsung’s advert left off and shows the same customer coming home with his brand new Galaxy Note 8 – only to have his girlfriend one-up him again. She shows off the highlights of the modular phone by clipping on Motorola’s projector Moto Mod and playing a homemade movie on the wall of the apartment.

“We loved your ad, but we think you forgot the ending,” the company told its rival.

The Motorola phone is different, that’s for sure, but the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X are probably much better choices.

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