OnePlus 5T wins charge test against iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S8+, Pixel 2 XL

The OnePlus 5T, the new $500 flagship phone from OnePlus, is the company’s fastest-selling and most successful product so far, and to explain all about it.

And it even has a few neat features to beat iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S8+, Pixel 2 XL. One of the best features on the OnePlus 5T is Dash Charge – it makes other other phones feel painfully slow to charge. The company decided to highlight that in its new add – how much will the phone charge in 30 minutes with the screen on?

The 5T phone got from 2% to 57% in that half hour. Which is pretty much in line with our own tests, we got to 65% in the same time, but with the screen off. How did certain competing flagships stack up?

But what is the actual difference in performance between OnePlus’ Dash Charge against Samsung’s Adaptive Fast charging and the charge speeds of the iPhone 8 Plus and the Pixel 2 XL? OnePlus shows us in a video, and unsurprisingly, the 5T is the winner. Watch the clip above to see just how much of a difference Dash Charge makes for fast charging.

The 5T does have the fastest charger though. Here’s a table for easy comparison

Phone Battery Charge (in 30min) In box charger
OnePlus 5T 3,300mAh 57% 20W
iPhone 8 Plus 2,691mAh 16% 5W (!)
Samsung Galaxy S8+ 3,500mAh 17% 15W
Google Pixel 2 XL 3,520mAh 11% 10.5W
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