OnePlus 5: the flagship device won’t be an iPhone copycat

Just days after announcing a June 20 launch date, OnePlus has now also revealed a detailed image of what its new flagship OnePlus 5 smartphone actually looks like.

It’s unusual to reveal so much about a device before a launch, but the company is likely to be responding to copycat criticisms after an official promotional image was leaked.

The leaked image in question unfortunately shows a phone that appears to resemble an iPhone, and the public was quick to point out similarities to the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual-camera positioning and configuration.

In what is likely to have been a response to that criticism, OnePlus released the new image, which highlights a sharper, tapered edge than the iPhone’s smooth, rounded edges. The tweet accompanying the image also stresses OnePlus’s originality: “A continuous hard edge, refined over three years.”

OnePlus co-founded Carl Pei also took to its forum pages to share details about the OnePlus 5’s improved microphone, which has been engineered to capture clearer sound in noisy environments.

A short video comparing last year’s OnePlus 3’s audio recording quality with the OnePlus 5 does demonstrate an improvement.

Besides the dual camera and new microphone, the device is said to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

OnePlus will be hosting launch events for the OnePlus 5 in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki and Oulu.

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