OnePlus 5T name confirmed, showing five OnePlus-branded cups of tea

OnePlus is now close to announcing a successor to the OnePlus 5, and we assumed that this would be called either OnePlus 5T.

In a image posted on Twitter a few hours ago – see below – OnePlus is showing five OnePlus-branded cups of tea “T”. Most probably, this is a confirmation of the fact that the company’s upcoming phone is indeed called OnePlus 5T.

“Oh, look! It’s five cups of…”

The picture is clearly a direct reference to the OnePlus 5T, the rumored upgrade to the OnePlus 5.

Rumors suggest that the phone may come late November, almost a year after the OnePlus 3 midcycle update to the OnePlus 3T made landfall. If that’s the case, we may start seeing more references to the OnePlus 5T soon.

Earlier OnePlus also suggested that its next handset would have a standard 3.5mm headset jack, just like all previous OnePlus smartphones.

The phone is supposed to feature the same main specs as the OnePlus 5, as a processor upgrade isn’t expected for this model. Qualcomm has not released a Snapdragon 835 yet. That might anger some of the OnePlus 5 buyers who just purchased the device. We’re guessing that the OnePlus 5T will be officially unveiled in the very near future.

The OnePlus 5T should drop in late November, with a recent leak claiming the handset will be unveiled on November 16th.

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