TWRP Build For OnePlus 5T Is Available [Unofficial]

OnePlus 5T Review

OnePlus 5T is essentially an updated version of the OnePlus 5, there are not too many changes to note but there’s already a working TWRP to help users get the device rooted, for those who like to do that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, there still aren’t any ROMs to flash or kernel modifications available for the flagship yet but the TWRP build will allow users to wipe partitions, backup their devices, and flash zip files to the OnePlus 5T.

As is usually the case, all a user needs to do is unlock the devices bootloader and either flash or boot the TWRP tool over to get it up and running. The new kernel also appears to include fixes a couple of issues – including a jelly scrolling issue – it may not turn out to be possible if the devices are too dissimilar.

As noted by the source, the ability to create unified builds would improve the overall progression of new custom setups for both devices since development efforts wouldn’t need to be split between the older and newer handsets.

Note: The TWRP in question is also not official, having been built out primarily for testing purposes.

Download TWRP for the OnePlus 5T

What is TWRP? For those who may not already know, TWRP is an open-source custom recovery image tool made specifically for Android-based devices. It allows for a number of root-level adjustments and customization to be implemented on a given device.
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