OnePlus 6 release THIS WEEK – Five features we want to see and one we don’t

This next generation device looks set to give its Android rivals a serious headache with rumours and speculation suggesting plenty of flagship features at a much lower cost. So, with OnePlus revealing all on Wednesday here are five features we want to see and one we don’t.


Many of the leaks and released images appear to show the OnePlus 6 with a much bigger display. Most rival devices from Samsung, LG, Huawei and Apple all now feature edge-to-edge technology which allow for a bigger viewing area in device that’s physically smaller in your hands.

Going for this design would mean OnePlus keeps up with competition and gives fans more space to play without filling up their pockets with a giant phone.

OnePlus hosts a blind camera test pitting the OnePlus 6 against the Google Pixel 2, Apple iPhone X and the Galaxy S9


With OnePlus always wanting to keep prices low it’s unclear whether they can include wireless charging on a budget. However, filling the battery without wires is becoming a must-have feature with almost every flagship now packing this technology.

More and more shops, cafes, bars and airports are offering Qi charging docks which allow smartphone users to refill by simply placing their devices down on a table. It won’t be a deal-breaker if it’s not included but OnePlus fans are sure to be happy if they can finally re-fill without wires.

This is what the OnePlus 6 will probably look like


Despite their devices being able to cope with a light dusting of rain, OnePlus has never offered a fully water resistant design. Although it’s never advisable to dunk any phone in the drink, having an IP68 rating will certainly help should a water-based accident happen.

Sony, Samsung and Apple have all added IP68 water resistance to their devices and we’ll have to wait and see in OnePlus follows this trend.

OnePlus updates its trade-in program ahead of OnePlus 6 announcement


There’s a lot of rumours that point the finger at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor being tucked under the hood of the OnePlus 6. If that’s true, this will mean that users will not only be treated to a very fast device but one that’s also much more efficient.

With OnePlus expected to feature that giant edge-to-edge display they’ll certainly need a better battery life and it seems that’s exactly what owners can expect.


Since Apple first removed it back in 2016, almost every smartphone manufacturer has ditched the headphone port. But, like Samsung, OnePlus appears to like giving users the flexibility of plugging in their headphones without the need for an adapter.

It looks almost certain that the OnePlus 6 will include this easy way of connecting cans and that could be a big reason for many to consider this smartphone.

And the one feature we don’t want to see….


With OnePlus cramming their new phone with the latest technology it seems inevitable that prices will have to go up. There’s no word on how much extra fans will be forced to pay but let’s hope that OnePlus isn’t pushing their phone towards Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8 prices.

One leaked image that was spotted earlier this year suggests OnePlus will launch a number of devices with varying specs on Wednesday with the most expensive landing in pockets for well over $650.

If that’s true it will make it much more than the current OnePus 5T and be the most expsensive OnePlus the firm has ever released. We’ll find out more at the launch event which takes place on Wednesday May 16.

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