OnePlus 6 will indeed feature a display notch, OxygenOS Firmware Hints

oneplus 6 edge concept

The next OnePlus flagship phone looks set to boast impressive benchmark scores, with a notch at the top of the display. OnePlus is also rumored to launch their next flagship smartphone with a 19:9 notched display.

Image: OnePlus/XDA-Developers

Now, we have further evidence (with the help of XDA-Developers) that the upcoming OnePlus 6 will indeed feature a display notch. Yesterday, OnePlus released the first Android 8.1 Oreo-based OxygenOS Open Beta 4 build for the OnePlus 5T.

Within the firmware, XDA-Developers discovered evidence that the upcoming OnePlus flagship would be code-named “enchilada.”

From XDA-Developers:

“Within the Settings APK of the latest OxygenOS beta, we found references to the “enchilada” code-name alongside mentions of “cheeseburger” and “dumpling.” This tells us that “enchilada” likely refers to the upcoming OnePlus 6.”

In addition, further inspection of the OxygenOS Open Beta 4 firmware files reveals that the device may indeed have a display notch. For reference, here are the names and corresponding code-names of all previously released OnePlus devices.

  1. OnePlus One = bacon
  2. OnePlus 2 = oneplus2
  3. OnePlus X = onyx
  4. OnePlus 3/3T = oneplus3
  5. OnePlus 5 = cheeseburger
  6. OnePlus 5T = dumpling

The following image named “screendecor_up_img_enchilada_1″ can be found within the firmware, which was possibly used as an overlay to test apps by OnePlus engineers while an actual OnePlus 6 prototype was still in testing.

Image: OnePlus/XDA-Developers

Image: ITHome

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