OnePlus’ Co-Founder Says The Notch Is Here To Stay

Smartphone maker OnePlus has apparently embraced the controversial notch in its latest flagship, the OnePlus 6, and Co-founder Carl Pei recently discussed that decision and why critics of the feature can expect to continue seeing it for a while.

Along with the notch, Pei also addressed the new phone’s overall design, recent security issues including a massive security breach that left some customers with fradulent credit card charges, and why the company has no interest in getting into VR and AR like so many other manufacturers have decided to do these days.

Speaking on the notch, Pei said that it’s a logical trend, and took care to note that it’s optional on the OnePlus 6, with a software tweak able to black out the space around the notch to essentially erase it.

The notch itself is a practical compromise of sorts; while it may not be the most beautiful design out there, it gives users more screen real estate without increasing the size of the phone or requiring special hardware or massive feats of engineering.

Moving on to the overall design of the phone, especially the back panel, Pei said that the focus with the OnePlus 6 was to create a design that was not just unique and appealing.

Speaking about the company’s interest in VR and AR, he said that it is essentially nonexistent for the time being; the company’s focus has historically been on making great flagship smartphones and selling them for low prices, and that has not changed.

Finally, he touched on the recent security breach that caused fraudulent credit card charges for many customers, and said that there is no real way to assure it won’t happen again, despite the company beefing up security significantly.

OnePlus has faced no shortage of controversies and troubles lately, but it seems that Pei, at the very least, is confident about the OnePlus 6 and the company’s future.

The new flagship, just announced, is currently Pei’s personal daily driver device. Looking to the future, the company’s fortunes will ride on fixing the mistakes of the past, as they always have; the invite system was one of the biggest examples of that.


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