OnePlus engineers respond to OnePlus 8 Pro “perspective lens”: it is infrared photography, limited perspective is not so scary

OnePlus recently officially released the new OnePlus 8 / Pro mobile phone, and its rear 4 camera module has been confirmed by foreign media including Max Weinbach and androidpit to have the so-called “perspective” function.

Makers Of Andriod understands that this so-called “perspective” function is mainly due to the OnePlus 8 Pro rear camera module is more sensitive to infrared light. The material of some objects becomes “transparent”. After confirmation, this function is effective for items made of plastic/fabric, that is, OnePlus 8 Pro can “see through” plastic products and clothing.

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This morning, OnePlus engineer @xiao 遥 怪 河马 explained the function on Weibo, saying that this camera is a special filter camera that can provide some infrared photography functions, and infrared photography is also a niche in the photography field It is a very old and mature thing, and there are even special photography competitions in this area every year. Each e-commerce platform also has special infrared photography equipment, which is certainly not as scary as everyone said, and it does not have this skill. Put away your bold ideas.

Compared with visible light, infrared light has stronger penetration ability. The longer the infrared, the stronger the penetration. Many far-infrared physiotherapy instruments make use of the characteristics of far-infrared penetrating ability. But in fact, the perspective ability is limited.

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