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OnePlus has now released a new OxygenOS Open Beta for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

For those fans of OnePlus who love having the latest firmware and software, OnePlus has now released a new OxygenOS Open Beta for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. The former is being updated to OxygenOS Open Beta 10, while the latter is moving to OxygenOS Open Beta 8.

However, both updates appear to deliver the same enhancements primarily centered around improved device switching software and launcher tweaks. Aside from those main features, the update will also update the Android Security Patch to May 2018 and support has been included for group MMS messaging.

It goes without saying, of course, that these beta updates are intended for more tech-savvy users. That’s because they tend to contain unforeseen bugs that will need to be patched before final release. So users should exercise caution when downloading and installing the new firmware to their devices.

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With regard to the larger updates, those can be categorized as either Launcher or OnePlus Switch improvements. Starting with the latter of those, OnePlus Switch is best described as an optimized device switching software for moving from one device to another.

In this case, the app is designed for switching to a OnePlus device from another device made by OnePlus or another OEM. With the update, OnePlus has made stability improvements and squashed some bugs, in addition to optimizing the logic behind the time remaining counter. The user interface for backing up a device or restoring a backup has been adjusted too.

On the Launcher side of things, OnePlus has added a Toolbox Card in OxygenOS’s shelf – which is effectively a specialized widget home screen. There’s also a new “Hidden Space” in the app drawer and support is now included for editing dynamic icons such as those used for weather, the clock, and calendar.

Anybody who may be interested in getting the newest beta firmware and its enhancements will be able to find detailed instructions via the button below. However, it’s worth repeating that there will be bugs and users brave enough to participate are encouraged to report those so that they don’t end up in the final update.

More importantly, the process of installing the update can result in lost data, so users should back up anything important before proceeding. Bearing that in mind, it is good to see OnePlus continuing to be committed to providing support for Its OnePlus 5 and 5T even as the company preps its upcoming OnePlus 6.

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