OPPO Reno4 real machine spy photos exposure: unique rear camera shape

Makers Of Andriod May 14 News OPPO released Reno3 series mobile phones at the end of 2019. After half a year, OPPO Reno4 has surfaced.

Recently, a spy shot of the real machine suspected to be OPPO Reno4 was exposed on Weibo. The machine’s main feature is “super night scene video, shooting a new night”. The two exposed phones are pure white and pure black versions, which only show the back of the phone. From the spy photos, the machine is suspected of having four rear cameras. The layout of the camera is very strange. Each camera is placed separately, and Obviously protruding from the fuselage.

In addition, there are obvious arc treatments on both sides of the back of the phone. Since the front is not exposed, it is not clear whether the curved screen is used.

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At present, there is very little information about the aircraft. It is understood that its mid-range positioning may be equipped with Snapdragon 765G or Snapdragon 768G processors, and use a 90Hz refresh rate display. .

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