PS5 controller DualSense price exposure: around$59.99 (USD).

PS5 controller has been exposed before, as an important accessory for Sony’s next-generation console, the price of this accessory has also been exposed recently.

According to the Twitter user’s exposure, Sony will officially release the DualSense dual handle for its next-generation console PS5 on November 20 this year. The standard price is $ 59.99. The PS5 will still come with a dedicated handle when it is sold. If you want “double happiness”, you will naturally need to buy an additional handle. In fact, the PS5 controller’s $ 59.99 pricing is consistent with the current price of the PS4 controller DualShock 4.

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DualSense has added a haptic feedback function (Haptic feedback), and the appearance has been completely upgraded, which may be regarded as the biggest breakthrough in the design of the PlayStation in 25 years. Sony said in its latest earnings report that PlayStation 5 will be launched on time around Christmas by the end of the year as originally planned.

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