Report: LG to upgrade V30 with AI camera feature

LG Electronics said Tuesday it will showcase an upgraded LG V30 with added AI camera features at the upcoming MWC. The South Korean tech giant said it added a new AI-powered camera to its lineup of V30 smartphones, meaning that its cameras will recognize objects and provide on-screen context.

LG said it has analyzed various V30 functions over several months to check features that are most used and needed by consumers. The new V30 version will be able to identify products when a camera is pointed at them and offer online purchasing links or similar suggestions, the company said.

LG Electronics’ market share for 2017 is estimated at 3.6 percent in terms of world shipment, according to data compiled by industry tracker Strategy Analytics.

LG Electronics will also enhance its ‘Voice AI’ function, which allows users to launch applications or change settings conveniently without touching them in cooperation with Google. In Google assistant, voice command of LG’s convenience function increases voice command which runs from 23 to 32 greatly.

In the ‘Smartphone AI Trend Seminar’ relayed online, the responsibility of Son Joo-ho, head of LG Electronics’ artificial intelligence development department, emphasized on the difference of LG’s AI, “Focusing on the natural fusion of multimedia experiences such as camera and audio” We will concentrate on the part that interacts with open platform by synergy of home electronics and mobile. ”

“Google is a good partner in terms of making technology and solutions work well,” he said. “If you take advantage of this technology and have a good idea (even Google assistant), you can differentiate.”

The LG V30, first released in September 2017, is the company’s latest premium smartphone, and boasts top-notch camera and audio capabilities.


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