Report: OnePlus may be bringing the Face Unlock feature to OnePlus 5

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OnePlus has been receiving positive feedback from the critics for the OnePlus 5T smartphone, which was launched recently. One of the highlights of the device was the face unlock feature. The inclusion of the feature made sense given that more flagship devices are adopting it, including the iPhone X, and the fingerprint sensor too has been moved at the back.

Many people were wondering if this feature would make its way over to the OnePlus 5, but OnePlus says the OnePlus 5 won’t get the face unlock feature in an Ask Me Anything-style post on its forums.

During the post in which community users have been able to ask all kinds of questions to members of the OnePlus staff, including Co-Founder Carl Pei, one user asked if the OnePlus 5 or other past devices would be getting the face unlock feature, which as the name suggests would allow users to unlock their phones using their face instead of relying on entering a PIN or password or authorizing the unlock with a fingerprint.

OnePlus doesn’t give any sort of real reasoning as to why the OnePlus 5 won’t be getting face unlock, the company’s Product Manager Louis S. simply states that the OnePlus 5 wouldn’t benefit from the face unlock feature as the fingerprint sensor on the front offers a great user experience.

But according to the report published by XDA-Developers, OnePlus may be bringing the Face Unlock feature to its previous flagship. This seems like great news for any existing OnePlus 5 owner.

But given that the feature is confirmed working on the OnePlus 5, even if it’s only on a leaked build so far, suggests that the feature can be ported to existing OxygenOS builds given the right framework modifications, system apps, and vendor libraries are installed.

The feature, however, uses over 100 identifiers along with the front-camera to identify the user. It is said to even work in different light conditions and even when you are wearing glasses.

OnePlus also makes sure that the Face Unlock feature doesn’t give access when shown a mere picture. It has enforced multiple checks to analyse the face. As a default security measure, OnePlus says that after trying to unlock the device using Face Unlock five times, the handset disables it and leaves the fingerprint sensor as the only option for unlocking the smartphone.

The Android Oreo Beta for the OnePlus 5 is slated to launch in the next week, so we’ll find out then if this feature makes its way into any official releases.

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