Report: Pixel 2 & Galaxy Note 8 Beat iPhone X On LTE

According to the report shared with, the Google’s smaller beast Pixel 2, and Samsung’s big Giant Galaxy Note 8 crush the Apple’s expensive iPhone X performance on the LTE band in North America. The test explained that the Pixel 2 achieved 36% better download speeds than iPhone X, using same band, channel size.

“As for the other contenders – the Galaxy Note8, Google Pixel 2, and LG V30 are all powered by the Snapdragon 835, which includes the current industry-leading Qualcomm X16 modem.” report added.

According to test report, “Because of the added antenna diversity, devices with 4-branch antenna design perform better than the devices with two antennas in all situations, including the areas of coverage where 4×4 MIMO isn’t supported. Added diversity aids in extracting and processing a cleaner signal which reduces retransmission, improves spectral efficiency of the network and overall user experience.”

Pixel 2 LTE Speeds test

Tests were performed in both 2×2 MIMO and 4×4 MIMO. So this is where a combination of signal strength and the choice of radio components would put a phone ahead of the others. The test used LTE Band 4 (used by AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and the major Canadian wireless carriers.) -85 dBm is the strongest signal and -130 dBm is around where signal is lost.

The following chart is now phones with 4×4 MIMO enabled. This network mode doubles the transmitting and receiving antennas used for much higher potential network throughput.

In low signals, the Google Pixel 2 performed better than the Galaxy Note 8 and the LG V30. Though, they were generally very similar in results. Once you take a closer look at the weaker signal range, you can see that the Pixel 2 was able to get the fastest speeds with the weakest signal.

Did Apple Do This on Purpose?

“The Cellular Insights tests didn’t reveal conclusively whether Apple is turning down its Qualcomm modem performance to try to match the weaker Intel modem on purpose. While some industry sources have told me this is the case, the LG V30 performed similarly enough to the iPhone that Apple may just not be all that great with Band 4.”

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