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Samsung Galaxy A8 And A8 Plus (2018) Has Real-Time HDR Camera Function

Samsung Galaxy A8  has an important feature: real-time HDR. Smartphones including Galaxies have had an HDR camera position for years. Samsung calls’ m ‘ Rich tone’, but that should not spoil the fun. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range: a large dynamic range, and refers to photos with large differences between light and dark. For example, you make a portrait photo with back-lighting.

The background is then probably very light, while the face in the foreground is relatively dark. An HDR stand offers a solution. Since the Galaxy S5, high-end Galaxy phones have an HDR stand that is used real-time. It is therefore not an extra camera mode, nor does it slow down photography. However, until now this feature was missing on Galaxy A devices.

In fact, it was one of our biggest complaints about the camera of these phones – see also our Galaxy A5 (2017) review, for example. But on the Galaxy A8 (2018) this has been eliminated.

Real-time HDR:

A look at the settings of the camera of the Galaxy A8 (2018) shows this HDR (Rich tone) option. Note: it is not a separate camera mode, but a normal option in normal, automatic mode. And indeed: if you turn it on, it works just like on Galaxy phones like the Galaxy S8.

How To Use:

To do so, tap the ‘gear’ in the camera app image – top left in landscape mode, top right in portrait mode. Tap the HDR (rich tone) option, and set it to On or Auto. The message HDR on or HDR car now appears in the corner of the image in the camera app. The big advantage is that the HDR option has no more disadvantages. So you can always turn it on, or at least on Auto. In this latter state, the device itself determines whether HDR should be used or not. Thus the biggest problem of the cameras of previous Galaxy A models is solved.


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