Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series screen parameter exposure: LTPO 120Hz variable refresh rate

If all goes well, Samsung ’s flagship Galaxy Note 20 series will be available in August. Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ is expected to make up for the regret that Samsung Galaxy S20 series 2K and 120Hz cannot be used at the same time. According to XDA forum news, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may have solved this problem, because the screen of Galaxy Note 20 uses a “new technology”.

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▲ Concept map of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

The XDA forum quoted the source Ross Young as saying that the Galaxy Note 20 series will incorporate LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) technology. It combines the advantages of strong LTPS TFT process driving capability and low leakage power consumption of Oxde TFT process. It was first applied to Apple Watch Series 5 models by Apple, so this watch screen can be always displayed (Always-On Display) The same generation has up to 18 hours of battery life.

Using this technology in the Note 20 series will make Samsung worried that the problem of too fast power consumption at 2K + 120Hz will be improved.

Ross Young released the detailed parameters of the Note 20 series screen yesterday, and said that the Note series does not have an Ultra version.

Galaxy Note 20

-Screen size: 6.42 inches

-Screen resolution: 2345 * 1084 404ppi (FHD +)

-Screen aspect ratio: 19.5: 9

-Screen refresh rate: 120Hz LTPO, support variable refresh rate.

Galaxy Note 20+

-Screen size: 6.87 inches

-Screen resolution: 3096 * 1444 497ppi (QHD +)

-Screen aspect ratio: 19.3: 9

-Screen refresh rate: 120Hz LTPO, support variable refresh rate.

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