Samsung prepping a software update to fix the Note 8 Freezing

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freezing Fix Update

The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s latest flagship phone, and it’s been getting a warm reception despite last year’s issues with the Note 7.

Earlier we reported, many units of Galaxy Note 8 are completely freezing when the contacts app is opened, and that includes when other apps like ‘Messaging’ and ‘Phone’ use it as well. A large number of users at Samsung’s official forums are complaining that their units are freezing in different use-cases.

The good news is Samsung says they have developed a software fix for this issue. It will roll out to phones over the next few weeks as an OTA update. Unfortunately, getting all versions of a phone updated at the same time is practically impossible. There are differences in the software builds, but US carriers also insist on approving updates before they are deployed.

According to the source Samsung Said:

“We have received a limited number of enquiries from customers about this and will be rolling out software updates in the coming weeks”

The Note 8 has a lot of impressive specs and features, but it’s something very basic that’s causing Samsung’s latest headache. The phone just freezes when you open certain apps. Those affected by this bug report that the phone will occasionally freeze and become completely unresponsive. The only way to get it working again is the reboot. For most, this happens when opening the dialer or placing a call.

According to a post entitled ‘Note 8 Freezing and unresponsive’ in Samsung’s forums, many variants of the Note 8(N950U (US), N950F (Europe), and N950D (Global)) are having this problem.

Based on the ongoing discussion in the Samsung Community forums, the most common use-case affected users are reporting is that the freeze occurs while accessing the contacts app – both directly or indirectly (like, while making a call or accessing the Phone or Messenger apps). Others say opening apps like Chrome or Pokemon GO will also cause the device to freeze. For third-party apps, you can just use an alternative until the issue is fixed. However, the dialer issue is a problem as you can’t easily replace that.

The forum thread has expanded to seven pages, so the issue is at least somewhat widespread. It’s obviously pretty inconvenient to not be able to use your $1000 smartphone as, well, a phone. What do you think about this issue, let us know in the comments.

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