Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – looks even better than we thought

Now, with a few weeks yet to go before we expect to formally see the Note 8 revealed, we are getting out best look yet at the fantastical phablet, and it’s even more gorgeous than the myriad of leaks, rumors, and renders could have prepared us for.

The images, which appears to have originated on the Twitter account of a noted leaker, shows what certainly looks like official Galaxy Note 8 press photos for the Chinese market. The phones appear to be identical in layout and design to the many leaked renders and schematics that have populated the rumor mill as of late, and the much-touted Infinity Display is there in all its glory.

The front of the phone, as we see it in these new images, is practically all screen, and while we expected as much in the wake of the S8, it’s still somewhat awe-inspiring to see what appears to be as close to the finished product as we can get.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Leak Reveals Front Panel Image, Screen Protector And Infinity Display

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