Exynos-powered Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Mod enables 60fps QHD video

samsung galaxy note 8 android security patch

Earlier a group of developers managed to find a method for rooting the Galaxy Note 8 variant powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC without tripping Samsung’s Knox protection and have detailed their findings on the boards of XDA Developers.

The Exynos-powered Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are capable of capturing 2560x1440p videos at 60fps, not just 30fps, but the software on them doesn’t allow it. But thanks to XDA Developers’ senior member zeroprobe you can unlock the hidden potential of the Galaxy Note8.

You may have heard of the Zero Camera Mod before. Just like with this Galaxy Note 8 release, it’s enabled many other devices to have a fuller and more diverse camera experience.

XDA-Devlopers already released this mod for other devices including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, and even the aging Nexus 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Mod enables 60fps QHD videoZeroprobe’s Zero Camera Mod enables QHD@60fps video recording on the Exynos-powered Galaxy Note8, it also adds HDR for 4K/QHD videos, higher bitrate recording and removes the No Flash limit when at under 15% battery.

You’ll need Root access in order to enjoy Zero Camera Mod. There’s also an optional paid app by the developer of Zero Camera Mod, which enables more features – it removes the 4GB recording time limit, improves edge sharpness and de-noise settings (only for the Exynos-powered Note 8), adds slow shutter speeds higher than the 10 second default limit and it let’s you pick which gallery app the camera will take you to.

Here’s what 60fps QHD video looks like:

And here’s an example of the HDR video capture:

You’ll find a full list of features the Zero Camera Mod enables for the Exynos Galaxy Note 8 listed here:

  • QHD @ 60fps (2560×1440) – Exynos Only
  • HDR for 4K / QHD
  • AutoFocus Tracking all modes
  • No Recording Time Limits
  • Increased Bitrates
  • Increased JPG quality for single and burst shots.
  • Installs latest Samsung Camera revision
  • Video Effects for modes 4K
  • Remove No Flash limit at 15% battery
  • Remove 4GB video file size limit – App only
  • Adjust Photo Edge Sharpness & DeNoise settings – App only (Exynos only currently)
  • Custom Shutter Speed > 10 seconds – App only
  • Choose your own custom Gallery – App only
  • Custom bitrates for 1080p30, 720p, 1:1 – Due to library change – App only
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