Samsung looking for ways to improve Galaxy Note 9’s signature features like the S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freezing Fix Update

This is quite unusual since the South Korean company takes a small break after each major project such as the launch of a new Note series phablet.

But this time, Samsung is not taking any breaks, even though the Galaxy Note 8 product planning process was so challenging.

With the Galaxy Note 8, users get a bigger Infinity Display, the S Pen to communicate in more personal ways, and Samsung’s best-ever smartphone camera to capture stunning photos. It’s a device that’s truly designed for the way consumers lead their lives and lean on technology today.

According to Kang, Samsung’s engineers are now considering how to refine and add more S Pen advanced features. Moreover, the South Korean company is looking for ways to improve other business and consumer-oriented features specific to the Note lineup.

Specifically Kim said that for the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung focused on improving the camera, the S Pen and the large display. That’s because Samsung’s research going back to the first Galaxy Note indicates that these are the features that users love the most.

Samsung’s official promises “to keep users’ needs” as a major priority when tackling such an important project like the Galaxy Note 9, and will innovate accordingly.

They also revealed that the product planning process for the Galaxy Note 8 was far more intense than ever before. The company extended the assessment period to ensure maximum safety.
Galaxy Note 9 Features

Kang added that Samsung’s top priority is to address the needs of the consumer. It observes consumer needs closely and then considers whether the new technology is capable of meeting those needs.

Samsung is already considering how to approach the development of its next Note flagship.

The new Galaxy Note isn’t due until the fall next year so the team has a lot of time on its hands to come up with something great.

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