Samsung Galaxy S8 Active coming soon to T-Mobile and Sprint

Samsung galaxy s8 active sprint tmobile

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is coming to Sprint and T-Mobile later this month, after an initial exclusivity period at AT&T. The news isn’t too surprising: Samsung said that the S8 Active would only be exclusive to AT&T for a limited time. But given that previous Active variants of phones — such as the S7 and S6 — were only available at AT&T, it’s a welcome change for anyone looking for a more durable smartphone.

Internally, the Galaxy S8 Active is powered by the same Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 4,000mAh battery. Additionally, the phone keeps the flagship-quality 12MP camera sensor, capable of capturing some of the best photos on any smartphone.

Those changes come at a cost, though: instead of the curved Infinity Edge display that is the Galaxy S8’s hallmark design, the S8 Active features a flat 5.8-inch quad HD super AMOLED panel.

For those of you who wish to purchase the S8 Active on T-Mobile or Sprint, Samsung only states that the handset will be available “later this month.” We also don’t know how much either mobile carrier will sell the smartphone for or if they will offer any promotions, expect to pay somewhere in the $850.

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