Report Says Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be Unveiled On February 27 At MWC 2018

samsung galaxy s9 launch date

According to Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled on February 27, the day before the opening of MWC 2018 in February next year, Korean outlet The Bell reported on Thursday.

Samsung is said to have decided against holding a separate product launch event after MWC like it did this year with the Galaxy S8 lineup because it’s seeking to deliver another premium mobile offering that can offset the sales of Apple’s new iPhone X sooner than April, sources claim.

While the firm reportedly pondered debuting its new flagships even before MWC as some insiders previously suggested, it ultimately decided against such a move because the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus were and still are selling well, thus reducing the need for another iPhone 8 competitor, according to the latest report.

samsung galaxy s9 launch date

An industry observer said(translated), “It is possible to open the market in January next year, but we do not think that it needs to be released internally.” “It is a strategy to realize economies of scale by expanding sales of the Galaxy S8 without putting the Galaxy S9 early.” .

The Galaxy S series usually went on sale in March after opening the day before the opening of the MWC.  The former Galaxy S8 was launched in April after unveiling at the end of March due to safety issues such as the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 battery. Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 were all released on the day before the opening of MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will benefit from improved internals – like Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 845 processor, and (possibly) 6 GB of RAM. Similar to most of Samsung’s flagships phones released until now, the Galaxy S9 is expected to have multiple color variants, from dark to lighter nuances.

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