Samsung Galaxy S9 could feature an ‘Environmental Sensor’

A patented patent application on Wednesday reveals that Samsung is working on such a smartphone environmental sensor. This sensor measures the air quality.

The component, which is believed to have been in development for a while now, measures air quality to provide users with vital information about the environment they’re in.

Samsung describes how many similar, accurate applications are currently too big. Reverse turns are small sensors too inaccurate. The patent describes a sensor that combines the best of both worlds with extremely high material density: small and accurate.

Samsung already released Galaxy smartphones with a UV sensor , which warned for bright sunlight. Presumably, an Environmental Sensor is an application where more users regularly have something to do.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Environmental sensor

Whether we will see a Galaxy S9 in 2018 with this sensor is by no means clear.

The application for the Environmental Sensor was submitted one and a half years ago, but has not yet been published in devices. Whether this will happen next year will have to prove by then.

It’s only a patent

As this is, of course, a patent, there’s a chance the technology will never see the light of day.

There’s clearly a demand for it on smartphones launched in the Asian market—and seeing as the firm has already found a way to make it fit in a handset, it would be rash to assume that it isn’t planning on bundling it on board the Galaxy S9, though that’s far from confirmed.

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