Samsung Galaxy X foldable and transparent display smartphones spotted

Samsung appears to be working on the folding Galaxy X smartphone as well as a new transparent phone with a see-through screen. The much-rumoured Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone, as it’s being dubbed by the media, has appeared in a patent that shows the phone folding horizontally.

This new patent reveals a fresh take on the foldable phone, which could be opened and close like a book, with a wide screen. This wider layout could be ideal for watching movies with a fullscreen minus those top and bottom black bars. The patent shows the folded open screen in use as one giant screen but it also shows multitasking with emails open on one screen and icons on the other.

This seems very much like a landscape version of Samsung’s current multi-window option, which could be ideal on this layout and perfect for work use. The patent suggests that the phone will fold in a way that lets it be propped up in portrait mode as if on a stand.

Folding the phone shut should automatically turns off the dual screen and engages the third screen that’s on the outside at the front. Likewise, opening it will automatically switch to the larger screen layout.

Another patent was also spotted which shows Samsung is looking into transparent smartphones. The patent for a transparent phone could show a glimpse of what the future of augmented reality has in store.

A see-through phone screen would mean that the display, in conjunction with the camera, could display data over real world objects. You may one day be able to hold your phone up to a cinema as you walk by and have all the film times and information displayed, or over a pair of shoes to see how much they cost online, for example.

Samsung has already shown off a transparent television back in 2015 so the idea of scaling that tech down for phones may not be too far fetched. Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy X foldable smartphone next year. This is also expected to be the start of a new category of phones as other manufacturers like Google and Apple also release their versions of folding phones.

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