Samsung is working on security feature that can read your palm and give you a password hint

Samsung’s recently spotted patent application proposes the use of palm scanning as a method of identification on Samsung phones. However, this is not quite the same as the now-typical scan your face or fingerprint measures which typically result in the unlocking of a device. Instead, this seems to be more of a password reminder type of feature.

As in spite of the patent highlighting that the device will initially scan the person’s hand for verification (which is then matched to the on-file palm signature), the action does not result in the unlocking of the phone.

It doesn’t even result in the revealing of the password. At least, not in the traditional sense. As the images accompanying the patient show the scanning of one’s palm reveals the password but in a more cryptic fashion.

The idea being that even if someone else manages to somehow scan your palm to reveal your password, they will still need to decipher the password based on the cryptic way it is presented. In contrast to the user who should immediately be able to recall the password due to familiarity with the characters shown.

Making for quite the interesting approach to getting what is otherwise a fairly traditional password reminder. One of the images also seems to suggest the feature might be capable of working in conjunction with a smartwatch.

Samsung’s approach is to explore as many methods of authentication as possible to give you more choice, versus Apple’s focus on one method to make it as secure as possible.

Samsung currently offers eye scans, facial recognition, fingerprint identification, pattern and PIN codes as security measures.

Source: Wipo

Via: Galaxy Club

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