Specification Comparison : Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs LG V30

Xiaomi just unveiled another bezel-less monster to succeed its last-year Mi MIX, which was one of the first phones to kick-start the design trend. Although that one was mostly a proof of concept, the second-gen Mi Mix appears to be much-more fleshed out consumer product.

Retaining the same old bezel-busting aesthetics and doubling down with some serious hardware under the hood, the Mi MIX 2 would likely give any other phone out there a serious run for the money.

Yet, there’s always the availability issue with Xiaomi’s phones, which are still a fata morgana for the US market.
The situation is the same with the Mi MIX 2 as well – while we are not aware what markets it is about to grace with its presence, it’s logical to assume that China and the neighboring countries will be it.

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