Stable Android 8.0 for Galaxy S8/S8+ coming in late January, Oreo Beta 4 coming soon

Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 plus gigabit lte support

Samsung launched a beta program for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and managed to dish out three beta builds to date, yet we didn’t really have an ETA for the official premiere of the Oreo update.

In response to a query about the ETA for the next patch, a UK Samsung Beta community admin revealed that an official Oreo version for the S8 and S8+ should be ready by the end of next January.

The same source noted that the launch may be pushed back to February if the development team encounters new issues in the coming weeks, which is always a possibility when experimental software is concerned.

According to the aforementioned official, the fourth preview of the upcoming firmware will be distributed shortly.

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