These iPhones may not get Apple’s next iOS 13 update

*Apple’s next iOS 13 update could make these iPhone models outdated soon.

*Apple is reportedly going to make an unpopular decision with its iOS 13 update – dropping support for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE and older iPhones. The company may also keep iPad mini 2 and iPad Air out of its iOS 12 coverage.


*While iPad mini 2 and iPad Air are quite old models, the decision to remove iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is going to draw criticism. These two models are among the most popular iPhones ever and are still selling in markets like India. Even Apple iPhone SE is available in the market.


*Each year Apple releases new iOS iteration with new updates and features. Following criticism over deliberately throttling performances of older devices, Apple made some radical changes with iOS 12 update last year. One of the biggest talking points of iOS 12 was that it retained compatibility with iPhones as old as iPhone 5S.


*Apple’s decision to drop support for iPhone 6 and other models is being considered as a ploy to push older users to newer iPhones. Since 2017, Apple has launched as many as three new iPhone models. The company is going to continue the trend in 2019 as well.


*The catch, however, is that despite adding three new models each year, a lot of old users aren’t upgrading – hitting the company’s revenues.


*Apple is already grappling with weakened sales in key markets including India. According to the company, iPhone sales dropped by 17% compared to the year prior. Despite sales plummeting and company’s new services push, iPhone still accounts for 54% of the company’s business. Last year, it had about 61%

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