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Unlock black technology! Vivo X50 series promotional video announced: equipped with super-sensitive micro PTZ technology

Makers Of Aoindrd news on May 18 this morning, Vivo officially brought the latest promotional video of Vivo X50 series. Vivo previously said that the X50 series is equipped with super-sensitive micro-gimbal technology, which “crams” the traditional gimbal into the mobile phone and greatly improves the anti-shake effect of the mobile phone without adding additional hardware outside the fuselage.

As can be seen from the video published on Vivo’s official Weibo, the working principle of the X50 series of micro gimbal is “very simple”, that is, the lens is placed on the gimbal, but the size of the gimbal is reduced, and “plugged” inside the phone Without adding extra volume and weight, the anti-shake effect of the external handheld gimbal is achieved.

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▲ vivo official promotional video

The Vivo X50 series is expected to use a rectangular camera on the upper left side of the back panel. Its imaging system includes a large-bottom main camera, a large-field ultra-wide angle lens, and a periscope telephoto lens.

The latest flagship X50 of the Vivo X series will be officially released on June 1. By then, the super-sensitive micro-gimbal technology in the X50 series will be fully exposed. As the date of the conference is approaching, more news about the Vivo X50 series of image flagships will gradually be exposed, and Makers Of Android will continue to pay attention.

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