US official announcement! Will strictly restrict Huawei to use US technology / software to design and manufacture semiconductor chips

Makers Of Android  May 16 News The US Department of Commerce ’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) officially announced that it will strictly restrict Huawei’s use of US technology, software design, and manufacturing of semiconductor chips to protect US national security. This move will make Huawei further restricted by US export control policies.


The US Department of Commerce pointed out in the document that the United States has included Huawei and its 114 overseas organizations on the “Entity List” since May 2019, but Huawei continues to use US technology and software to design semiconductor chips and use US equipment. Produced in overseas foundries.

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The document quoted U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross as saying: “Although the United States included Huawei on the” Entity List “last year, Huawei and its overseas affiliates have weakened these national security-based establishments through a series of localization measures Restrictions. This is not what a responsible company is doing. We must modify the rules used by Huawei and HiSilicon to protect US technology from being used and threaten US national security and overseas interests. “

Makers Of Android previously reported that TSMC has officially announced that it will invest $ 12 billion to build a 5nm chip factory in the United States.

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