vivo X50 / X50 Pro summer new product launch announcement: June 1

Makers Of Android news on May 19 this morning, Vivo officially announced the Vivo X series summer new product launch: the most concerned Vivo X50 series flagship image mobile phone will meet you at 19:30 on June 1. At the same time, Vivo official Weibo also released a video to highlight the powerful night scene shooting capabilities of X50 series mobile phones.

In the video, we can see that in the dim restaurant environment, thanks to the excellent performance of the micro-gimbal technology, the X50 series mobile phones can greatly improve the safety shutter level, making the main camera with a larger amount of incoming light and longer exposure. The time, even when the lighting is insufficient, the shooting picture is still clear, perfectly echoing the theme of this conference, “The night is more exciting.”

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In terms of design and performance, the Vivo X series takes into account both stylish appearance and powerful performance. The micro-cloud platform technology this time appeared first on the APEX 2020 concept machine. After repeated optimization, testing, and improvement, a more mature product was formed and landed on the Vivo X50 series.

The micro PTZ technology used in vivo X50 series mobile phones has excellent anti-shake performance. Even during sports, the main camera can still maintain a small jitter. For video shooting users, it is possible to achieve excellent anti-shake effects without adding additional hardware PTZs, which saves costs on the one hand and is more portable on the other. The launch of the Vivo X50 series is a better way to transform the mobile phone from “photographing” to “photographing” applications.

At 19:30 on June 1, the Vivo X50 series equipped with micro-cloud platform technology will officially meet with us. This black technology is not only excellent in anti-shake performance, but also greatly improved the ability to shoot night scenes, especially in dim environments such as restaurants can greatly improve the production rate, and the actual performance of the X50 series is also worth our expectations.

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