Water resistance test for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 ? Can survive!

Everything already revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge long before Samsung made them official.
According to report, In Galaxy S7 hands-on preview, noted how impressive the new flagship smartphones were, particularly their cameras.


There’s another feature of Galaxy S7, Water resistance. It stands to save users a big amount of money and trouble free over the next few years:

But there is one question raised. Can the new Samsung Galaxy S7 survive the ultimate test of its water resistance? Samsung managed to score an IP68 rating, but it’s one thing to read about it and another to actually see it in action.
Samsung Water-resistant test by Harris Craycraft, Check youtube video:
Harris Craycraft filled a bowl with water and dunked the Galaxy S7 for 20 minutes.
Galaxy S7 smartphone continued to operate just fine after sitting in shallow water for a short while, but then it was time to try something a little more fascinating.
After back to back test. Did the phone come out alive? Did the camera keep recording? Just check the video below..

It seems wonderful for Samsung Galaxy S7 user to have this feature. So far it is looking interesting but rest after final release.
Let’s wait for next….
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